From the Winter 2001 issue with the News Media & The Law, site 17.

Process of law around the region are developing and acquiring the technology to provide Internet or electronic access to court records. It can make information searches quicker and more effective for the press and members of the public. But privacy hobbies are forcing some courts to dilemma whether permitting such broad use of courthouse files.

A number of declares are considering fresh rules relating to electronic usage of court records. Several vdr-soft net of those proposals minimize electronic use of specific types of documents, including lawbreaker case files. These types of data are more very sensitive and present more potential pertaining to privacy concerns than civil case documents. Other plans are more expansive and will allow the general public to watch most papers, but with limitations on certain data components or categories of information including social security numbers or perhaps medical details.

The judiciary is asking for public responses on these kinds of proposals. If you are interested in the challenge, you should contact your state’s representatives and ask them to support amendments to mention open files laws that permit wide access to all court records, no matter their type. You should also encourage attorneys to make contact with their elected officials and desire them to are at odds of any proposals that restrict access to digital records.

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