Direct garments printing system is one of the best new trends in outfits printing. Also referred to as DTG stamping, this technology is an excellent choice for businesses interested to print little quantities of custom tee shirts or hoodies. It is just a full-color option which makes it easy to produce a detailed style or emblem on your t shirts. The process is faster than screen creating, and is considered more economical with respect to single marks as well.


DTG stamping is a cloth decorating approach that uses state-of-the-art customized inkjet printers. These ink jet printers have special print brains that apply water-based ink straight to fabrics and textiles. The inks will be absorbed by the fibers, which means your patterns won’t answer or disappear over time.

The only limitation to DTG is the fact it only works with 100 percent cotton or natural-fiber materials. Typically, blended fabrics won’t work with this type of printing, however, you may always check along with your printing provider to see what their coverages are concerning specific garments. Before such a printing, the shirt will need to be pre-treated, the process that sprays the garment which has a special strategy to flatten the fibers and prepare them for printing.

This really is a quick process that should only take about 24 hours to complete, consequently it’s an ideal option for last-minute orders. The price of this method of printing will be different, so is important to find a creating company that gives bulk special discounts the more you order.

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